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ABOUT US Henan Huanghe Whirlwind International Co., Ltd. was a sole subsidiary of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd., a listed company on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1998. Huanghe Whirlwind specializes in Industrial Diamond, Diamond Tools, Special Vehicle, Construction Machinery, Lithium Battery and Industrial Robot. Our Specialized Vehicle and Industrial Robot system have received lots of attention from the MCPRC and MIIT and the products with "China Top Brand" have been sharing high reputation in global market. In order to expand global market and build the International brand, Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd. set up Henan Huanghe Whirlwind International Co.,Ltd. in CBD Zhengzhou City. The...

Categories and Products

Special Vehicle

Mobile Stage Truck

Mobile Stage Vehicle Advertising Truck Roadshow Truck Mobile Stage Truck LED Screen Mobile Stage Truck (Two Sides Open) Mobile Stage Truck (Three Sides Open) Full Size Opening Mobile Roadshow Stage Two Stories Product Demonstration Stage Truck Two Decks Product Advertising Mobile Stage Hydraulic Lifted Opening Roadshow Stage Truck Three Sides Opening Mobile Stage Truck Mobile Stage Vehicle With LED Screen Product Advertising Vehicle With LED Screen P8 LED Screen Advertising Stage Vehicle High Pixel LED Screen Product Display Vehicle High Resolution LED Screen Stage Truck P10 LED Screen Advertising Stage Vehicle Video Function Advertising Mobile Stage Vehicle Animation Function LED Mobile Stage Truck Mobile Stage Truck With Supporting Legs 

Mobile Road Show Truck

4×2 LED Advertising Truck 9.6m Advertising LED Truck Advertising LED Semi Trailer (Double Decks) 40ft Advertising LED Truck 40ft Advertising LED Semi Trailer 

Wings Open Truck

Wing Opening Box Vehicle With Side Protection Wings Open Cargo Truck (Two-axis) Wings Open Cargo Truck Wings Open Cargo Semi Trailer (Three-axis) Easy Loading And Unloading Wings Open Truck Horizontal Corrugated Type Wings Open Truck 27 Tons Wing Opening Box Body Truck Three Axles Box Body Wing Opening Vehicle Safe Transport Truck Wing Opening Vehicle Iron Column Supporting Wing Opening Box Body Truck Dissel Engine Euro3 Emission Wing Opening Box Truck Galvanized Steel Corrugated Sheet Box Wing Opening Truck Wing Opening Vehicle Box Body Truck Semitrailer Convenient Port Loading Vehicle Wing Opening Truck Two Sides Wing Opening Truck 45 Tons Payload Wing Opening Vehicle Box Body Vehicle Color Optional Land Tranport Wing Opening Truck 11R22.5 16PR Tyre Wing Opening Truck Light Weight Material Wing Opening Vehicle 35 Tons Total Weight Wing Opening Box Truck 

Mobile Selling Truck

Mini Vending Store Mobile Selling Shop Multi-Functional Shop Mini Vending Store Mobile Shop Mini Van Small Vending Shop Mobile Shop Vehicle Mini Van Small Vending Shop Mobile Shop for Multi-function Small Vending Shop Mini Mobile Shop Hotel Use Coffee Fast Food Vending Van Small Mobile Market Mini Vending Shop Outdoor Multi-Functional Shop Mini Vending Store 

Other Vehicles

Bottled Beer Milk Transportation Vehicle With Curtain Cover Comfortable Convenient Camping Use Motor Caravan Vehicle Cargo Transport Curtainside Truck Cargo Truck With Aluminum Body 4×2 Motorcycle Stunt Vehicle Beer And Milk Transport Truck Covered With Curtain Mobile House Vehicle Fashion Motor Caravan Outdoor Camping Motor Caravan Recreational Vehicle Propaganda Car With LED Screen Free Life Style Recreational Vehicle 6 Seats Led Screen Mobile Loudspeaker Van mobile truck led screen Mobile Loudspeaker Van With LED Screen 

Electric Equipment

Three-phase Synchronous Motors

Electric-starting Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Self-starting Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor 

Cold Press Machine

Automatic Diamond Saw Blade Press Automatic Segment Cold Press Machine 

Electric Motor

Three Phase Ac Electric Motor 

Diamond Tools

Marble Saw Blade

105mm-900mm Diamond Saw Blade for Marble 

Granite Saw Blade

Granite Saw Blade (Continuous Rim/Segmented ) 

Concrete Saw Blade

Diamond Blade for Concrete Cutting Storm Series - Curb Cutter Diamond Blade Storm Series - Soft Cut Diamond Blade Storm Series Pro Concrete Blade (Laser Welded) Storm Series Supreme Pro Concrete Blade (Laser welded) 

Diamond Core Bit

Diamond Core Bit (Dry ) Diamond Core Bit (Special Segment ) Diamond Core Bit (Turbo Segment) Diamond Core Bit (Wet) for Concrete&Asphalt 

General Saw Blade

Whirlwind Series Diamond Grinding Blades Thunder Series - Ring Saw Diamond Blade Thunder Series - General Purpose Diamond Blades Thunder Series - Loop Diamond Blade Thunder Series - Special Designed Diamond Blade Thunder Series - General Purpose Diamond Blade Tunder Series - General Diamond Saw Blade Thunder - Series Special Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blade Thunder Series - Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blade Thunder Series - Special Designed Diamond Blades Thunder Series - Concrete/Asphalt Dry Cutting Diamond Blade Thunder Series - Special Segmented Diamond Blade Lightnig Series - General Purpose Diamond Blade Lightning General Turbo Segmented Diamond Blade Lightning General Purpose Segmented Diamond Blade Lightning Special Protected Continuous Turbo Diamond Blade Lightning Series Turbo Diamond Saw Blade (Continuous Turbo) Lightning - Series Special Designed Turbo Diamond Blade Lightning Series T Segmented Diamond Blade Storm Premium Pro Asphalt Diamond Blade 

Diamond Grinding Wheel

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel Diamond Concrete Grinding Head All Type Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel PCD Grinding Cup Wheel 

Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Wire Saw for Marble Cutting Diamond Wire Saw for Granite Cutting Diamond Wire Saw (Concrete) 

Other Diamond Tools

Brazed Diamond Saw Blade Whirlwind Series - Diamond Grinding Blade Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel (Single Row) Storm Series Hydraulic Handsaw Blade Diamond Ceramic Blade (J-Slot/ Continuous rim) Diamond Gringding Cup Wheel (Double Row) Stone/Concrete Diamond Polishing Pad 

Asphalt Diamond Saw Blade

Storm Series Supreme Pro Asphalt Diamond Blade 

Wall Saw Blades

Storm Series Diamond Wall Saw Blade 

Diamond Grinding Plate

Diamond Grinding Plate & PCD Grinding Plate 

Diamond Polishing Pad

Diamond Concrete & Stone Polishing Pad 

Diamond Plug

Diamond Plug & PCD Plug 



Z Series Drilling PDC PDC for Bolting Bits 


Professional PCD/CBN/Solid CBN insert Precision Profile Milling Cutter Precision Special PCD&CBN insert PDC Pick for Coal Mining PCD Saw Blade for Conical Teeth Grooving PCD Saw Blade for Multiple Blade Saw PCD Saw Blade for Fiber Board 250-750mm PCD Saw Blade For Chip Board 

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